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Timberpak Scotland investment increases customer benefits

The primary function of Timberpak is to produce material that gives us the best quality material for the two UK EGGER production plants for the best value.

Timberpak - New Picking Station

With quality being a core value for both EGGER and Timberpak, it follows that the recycled fibre we supply for board production has to also be of a high quality.

All of the material produced at Timberpak Scotland ends up at EGGER Barony, it therefore made perfect sense to install a purpose built picking station.

Back in 2015, we added extra temporary picking platforms to further improve the quality of the recycled material which we send to our end customers. This project was a success and has led us to invest in a permanent solution.

Our new picking station now allows us to more efficiently remove MDF, general waste and non-ferrous metals by hand. A magnet removes ferrous metal from the final processed wood product.

The picking station became fully operational at the end of March and provides benefits to our end customer (EGGER Barony) by increasing the speed and volume of recycled material extracted, which is used in chipboard production.

Through a safer and more convenient way of removing contamination, we can process more material faster which in turn benefits our customers through our continued acceptance of wood.

We also took the opportunity to reposition the shredder, which means there is now more space for wagons to tip and in turn helps to improve our customers turnaround times on site.