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Renewi Community Management

With a growing global realisation about the awareness of the environment and the waste we produce, it is great to see that Timberpak’s partner Renewi is running a dedicated environmental education programme which services schools and community groups across the Wakefield district.

Jade Wilkes Education Officer with children from Wakefield district schools who were part of the Choice Programme

In 2017-2018 Renewi delivered 115 events within the area. Almost half of these events were to community groups, including children, adults, and adults with learning difficulties. The rest of the events were delivered to schools.

Renewi offers both an outreach programme and has its own purpose built Education Centre. The Education Centre is a fantastic resource based at the state of the art Residual Waste Treatment facility in South Kirkby.

The exciting interactive exhibits trace the journey waste takes from entering the facilities to its new destination. Wood recycling is an important part of this journey and Timberpak worked with Renewi to develop one of the exhibits in the Education Centre which demonstrates how chipboard is made from wood scrapped as rubbish.

As well as the interactive exhibits the centre has a purpose built classroom, outdoor area with interactive learning wall, recycled shop, plastic bottle greenhouse plus a pond and woodland.

This facility enables Renewi’s Education Officer to educate the future generations about waste within the broader scope of sustainability. This enables a whole day of environmentally focused activities to be delivered to schools.

Activities include workshops about the impact of extracting natural resources, the history of waste, a zero waste lunch, how to turn waste into a resource or even nature activities in the woodland which explain how practicing the 3Rs can protect local wildlife.