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Investing in technology for onsite safety

The safety of our employees, contractors, drivers and visitors whilst working at Timberpak is our top priority, and one which we are constantly monitoring.

Investing in technology for onsite safety

We are currently making all our operational areas pedestrian free with access only permitted via designated routes and only for Timberpak employees, drivers delivering and collecting wood, contractors carrying out work and visitors under direct supervision of Timberpak employees.

To improve onsite safety, we are currently installing the “Fleet Aware” system

In order to further protect the safety of people in the operational areas, we are currently installing the “Fleet Aware” system to all mobile plant. Fleet Aware is a tag based system using active radio frequency identification (RFID). It comprised of an in-cab control unit with single or multiple antenna units installed onto all mobile plant. This produces a 360° detection zone that detects tags worn by all employees, drivers, contractors and visitors when they enter this zone.

When a pedestrian enters the detection zone an audible and visual alarm is activated for the in-cab control unit, indicating to the operator that a tagged person is in close proximity to the machine. If this occurs the driver immediately stops until the person moves away. The tag worn by the pedestrian will vibrate at the same time to act as a warning that they are too close and to move away. Once the pedestrian is outside the detection zone the tag will stop vibrating and the in-cab alarm will cease.