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New picking station for Bellshill

Bellshill new lorry and picing station

The end of 2018 saw the final stage of our new yard expansion with the installation of the new external pick station at Bellshill, which is situated in the new yard area.

The picking station will help process the low grade material more efficiently and quicker, allowing us to maintain our high standard of quality material for chipboard production.

Due to the space of the new cabin, it provides our staff with a nice environment to process and remove contaminates such as MDF and general waste.

Due to the additional capacity on site, Timberpak will be able to handle a larger volume of low grade material, allowing us to meet our customers’ current and future requirements. At the start of April we got the delivery of our 5th arctic unit to expand the fleet at Bellshill. The additional unit will help complement our transport flexibility as we start to come into a busier time of year for all our customers, allowing us to meet all our customer requirements during the years to come.