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New contract continues long-term partnership

Since Jan 2011, Timberpak Scotland has steadily grown and now processed in excess of 72,000 tonnes of recycled fibre to the EGGER Barony plant in Ayrshire. In addition it also supplies 4,000 tonnes of fuel for the EGGER Hexham’s energy plant.

New Contract

As a business we continue to develop through our long-term supplier and customer agreements. And a large percentage of these partnership agreements service local authority wood disposal requirements, directly helping to reach their robust recycling and landfill diversion set targets. One such agreement is with Viridor the national waste handler, which operates 320 UK sites.

Viridor, like Timberpak, understands that wood waste can be collected and transformed into a resource rather than simply sending it to landfill. Through the partnership, both companies offer the best and most cost-effective service which provides the highest quality material.

With the two companies sharing similar outlooks, it is no surprise that the Timberpak Scotland team have successfully managed the local authority contract for material arriving at Viridor’s Bargeddie and Bonnyrigg sites for the last five and a half years.

When the existing Viridor contact came to its natural end, an open tender process began. To ensure a customer-focused service, a thorough and detailed submission was required by the Viridor Business development Team.

We are extremely happy to announce that the Timberpak – Viridor partnership will continue for another seven years.

“Over the last five years we have been extremely pleased with the professional and reliable service from Timberpak, their submission clearly demonstrated a customer-focused approach and we are delighted to be working with them in the future.”

Paul Brown, Viridor’s Managing Director of Recycling and Integrated Assets