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New picking station at Timberpak Leeds

Date Published: 19/09/2019

July was a busy month for Timberpak, with a variety of different projects happening across all four of our sites. At Leeds we saw the installation of a fixed permanent picking station, this is the second of three Kiverco static picking stations we have planned. The first being installed in Bellshill in 2018 and the third planned for Washington later this year. Prior to this we had previously used mobile picking stations, however due to the quality of the build and the better conditions for our pickers, we decided to go for a static cabin and this has come into full operation from August 2019.

We originally picked the material as it arrived “on the floor” however, with our continued focus on Health and Safety, in 2014 we installed our first picking station which was a mobile unit and has been in use ever since in order to better process the lower grade material which we receive from our customers. This type of picking station has its limitations with throughput, so we decided, as part of our continued investment on the Timberpak sites, to invest in a purpose built picking station. This is partially due to the success of the picking station we installed at Bellshill, but also in our continued focus on Health and Safety. This picking station will give us greater throughput of material, which will allow us to deal with our customer requirements to process material at the Leeds site with more efficiency.

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