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Providing a helping hand for construction sites

EGGER has successfully supplied the construction industry for many years with its top quality flooring and decorative products.

With the NHBC reporting a continuing increase in year on year development schemes and more planned to meet housing demand, EGGER has turned its attention to helping to reduce the disposal of wood waste costs for this industry.

EGGER Timberpak is a wood recycler and since Aug 2000 has been an outlet of choice for the disposal of construction waste from sites across Yorkshire, and since 2010 Glasgow and the North East of England.

With new development costs increasing for materials and labour, recycling onsite waste provides an opportunity to cut costs.

Using single “general waste” skips for waste collection is not cost effective. General waste can cost around £100 per tonne to process - so segregation of waste streams is key.

By segregating wood waste that’s heavy/bulky and disposing of it separately, the cost can be reduced to around £30 p.t.

Additionally, Timberpak is able to recycle this wood for the production of EGGER board. By putting it back into construction this ensures a truly closed loop recycling process.

If you’d like to find out how Timberpak could help increase recycling rates and reduce your costs get in touch with on 07742 496999.