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Connect to our customer portal for instant access to your orders

When Timberpak started in 2000, we had to find a software solution to for our business transactions. At the time the EGGER standard software, SAP, was unable to cope with our requests so we installed an off-the-shelf industry standard solution.

Easily retrieve weighbridge tickets through the Timberpak customer portal

However, in May this year after a lot of work from our SAP team, Timberpak successfully transitioned across to a specially modified version of our Groupwide standard software SAP.

This comes as good news for our partners as we can now offer a much better reporting function not only tailored to their own requirements but produced in user friendly Excel. Additional benefits of the system include Log Yard terminals for load assessment and verification.

With the introduction of SAP, there is now the ability for our customers to connect to the CoSeDat portal, where you will be able to see all your supplier invoice documents, both current and archived. You can also view and retrieve copies of weighbridge tickets and orders, as well as running simple reports based on Excel spreadsheets.

Accessing this system if free, all you need to do is to complete an application form which can be found on our downloads page.

Once complete, return the application form to moc.regge@kaprebmit. As soon as you’re application has been processed and your account activated, you will receive further instructions via your nominated email address(s).