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Coronavirus update from Timberpak UK


All our sites are open for business as usual, albeit on slightly reduced opening hours, whilst following the "Working safely during COVID-19" guidance produced by the government on May 20 to keep your staff and our staff safe.

As part of this we are, from the 1st July, aiming to operate on a paperless system at all Timberpak sites by utilising the EGGER CoSeDat Portal.

EGGER offers its business partners the possibility to provide qualified electronically signed invoices, credit notes, as well as weighbridge tickets and Delivery orders on the CoSeDAT online portal. The use of the module is free for partners who are in business relations with EGGER. The attached terms of use apply to the CoSeINV module of the CoSeDAT online portal.

  • Data and documents are available at any time
  • Data is provided as excel download and via CoSeDat in the form of formatted statistics
  • The invoice/credit note with electronic signature is considered as delivered once it has been provided to the recipient through the CoSeDAT online portal
  • The customer is informed by e-mail as soon as a new invoice/credit note is available
  • The first downloaded document is the original, all subsequent downloads are copies
  • CoSeDat also works as a document archive so you will be able to look back and retrieve paperwork if required

To access this portal we need to set you up on the system with email addresses for those people in your organisation who want to receive the different types of paperwork we produce, therefore you will need to complete form FOP68 available in the download section of our website, or you can download it here and return to;

We have also produced "HSTIM002 Guidance for Drivers Accessing Timberpak", which informs all drivers of the procedures to follow to protect them and us when on our Timberpak sites. This Guidance is also available to download from the download section of our website, or you can download it here.

Please keep an eye on our website for any changes to opening times! View opening times.