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Q&A with Connor Paterson, Customer Relationship Representative (Scotland)

Date Published: 19/09/2019

Connor Paterson, Customer Relationship Representative (Scotland)

Connor Paterson, our Customer Relationship Representative for Scotland, joined Timberpak at the end of last year, having previously worked at the EGGER Barony plant. We’ve asked him a few questions about his role and his experiences so far.

Tell us a little bit about your role and responsibilities at EGGER Timberpak…

My role with Timberpak is managing customer relationships to build a reputation for excellent service and generate new and repeat customers within the wood waste industry. Although I am based at Bellshill, I also cover Washington and Leeds when required.

What do you most enjoy about working here?

I enjoy going to my job every day and I love that each day is different. I enjoy meeting new people, being out and about all over the country dealing with different customers who have different requirements for their waste wood.

What sort of training have you taken part in during your time here/what skills have you developed?

I have completed many training courses that have been very beneficial since moving to Timberpak, but I have learned most from the people around me. The knowledge that has been passed to me since the day I started has been amazing and everyone has been so welcoming since I moved from EGGER Barony. I have developed my customer skills the most as I had been in workshops since I was 16, meaning I had never dealt with customers face to face. Now it’s a part of my day-to-day tasks and it is something I can do confidently and professionally.

What has been your best memory since you started working at EGGER?

EGGER Barony held a community open weekend to show people from the surrounding area how the factory runs on a day to day basis. On the day, I was tasked with showing the local community around the factory on tours and telling them all about EGGER and the machinery in the factory. This has been my best memory as the full weekend was a great success and made me very proud to be a part of it.

And finally, what makes EGGER special to you?

EGGER is a family run company and it definitely shows; you are made to feel like a part of it. Working in a small team means everyone works together and strong relationships are formed. I am grateful for the opportunities EGGER Timberpak has given me and I am looking forward to what the future may bring.

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