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New Building Extension at Timberpak North East

At Timberpak / EGGER we are continually investing in our future to ensure we are always in the best possible position to offer our reliable service. This is something that our customers’ have come to rely on and is one of the key pillars of our business.

Ongoing investment at our Timberpak North East site

It can often be difficult in our industry to consistently supply recycled wood, this is due to its seasonality and the simple fact that in the summer we have far more wood than in the winter! However, our requirement for recycled material remains static across the 365 days of every year.

At Timberpak North East we realised that building maintenance was required for the storage area on our site used for the supply of biomass materials. After investigations, we realised it made more sense to enclose this area with an extension to our warehousing facilities.

By increasing our under cover storage areas it allows us to develop separate storage areas for our three recycled (RC) fibre products;

1. RC fibre for our first commitment - the production plants at EGGER Hexham
2. Internal biomass requirements for EGGER Hexham
3. Our emerging outlet for biomass to external companies’ boilers.

Our new building extension now gives us far greater flexibility and means that producing these three stream can take place without them impacting on each other or impacting on the yard.

Ultimately this benefits everyone as we now no longer need to enforce a slowdown of acceptance of wood. Our operation is now quicker and more efficient for those arriving with RC fibre deliveries.