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Bringing benefits through ongoing investment

Timberpak continue to invest, and the latest involves the purchase of a new Haas Tyron 2500 slow speed shredder.

Bringing benefits through ongoing investment

This shredder replaces our existing Doppstadt DW3060, which had been with us since we first opened the Timberpak Scotland site back in 2010.

With its ability to create a uniform product size, the Haas Shredder requires less daily down time for maintenance. This is a great benefit to our customers as it keeps our site operating for longer.

Bringing benefits through ongoing investment

Additionally, with a standard product size, we can constantly feed the picking station with a steam of material – helping us meet the high quality expectations of the EGGER Barony plant.

With the new shredder also being on tracks, it is much easier to move it around the site for cleaning and maintenance. The result is a shredder that helps Timberpak Scotland to optimise its operations. We have more shredding time, allowing us to handle more material through the site.

To futureproof the business we also opted for the Haas Tyron 2500 as it has a greater shredding capacity – helping us to meet the requirement of our customers now and into the future.