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Timberpak “builds” a relationship with Beal Developments

Beal Developments
Timberpak are always looking to develop closer relationships between our wood recycling sites in Leeds, Washington and Glasgow and the actual waste wood producer.

Traditionally, construction organisations use waste management companies or “brokers” to find suitable recycling outlets for the waste streams generated on housing developments. Whilst convenient, using such broker services can add additional cost to overall recycling fees for the customer. Beal Developments Ltd. is one organisation that is bucking this trend.

Beal Developments Ltd., like EGGER, is a family owned business founded by brothers John and Raymond Beal in 1968. Richard Beal is currently the Managing Director, the seventh generation of the Beal family.

They currently have developments in and around the Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas and, like EGGER, focus on quality of product and customer service, so it is unsurprising that they use EGGER products in their Beal Home developments.

Timberpak are pleased to be providing a “Ro-Ro” collection service, placing our 40 cubic yard bins on five Beal sites in the Hull area, disposing ethically and efficiently any waste wood generated from Beal Homes building sites and providing a truly closed loop recycling process.

Gavin Ball, Timberpak Customer Relationship Manager at Timberpak, said: “It’s great to work with a company that recognises that waste is a resource that can be recycled and takes such an active role in ensuring it is recycled correctly.”

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