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Texture Meets Colour

Mix and match decors and textures to create a cost effective alternative to painted timber.

The demand for solid coloured surfaces continues to dominate the market, but there has been a shift toward designs with a textured finish. EGGER’s Texture Meets Colour range easily recreates the look of painted timber, with over 56 different decor and texture combinations.

Four textures and 14 carefully chosen uni colour decors make up the innovative collection of surfaces. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, it brings flexibility when planning, offering a selection of colours, styles and textures.

One size no longer fits all, as customers demand a more personalised touch. Texture Meets Colour puts the customer in control offering a range of versatile surfaces that can be tailored to their requirements.

Available as 18 mm Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) with coordinating edging, the range is 100% recyclable, easy to process and hygienic. Decors include Indigo Blue, Premium White, Black and a comprehensive selection of popular grey tones.

Each of the four textures has individual characteristics to provide a unique finish when paired with the uni colours. New texture ST19 and ST12 produce a subtle, contemporary finish, whilst ST27 and ST38 offer a bold, more traditional look.
Manufactured at EGGER’s factory in Hexham, Northumberland, these stylish combinations are the next generation of painted timber, suitable for door frontals, carcassing, wall panels and wardrobes.

Made using hack chips and sawdust (40%), recycled material (40%) and round wood (20%), EGGER’s MFC boards have a negative carbon footprint of -13.3kg CO²/m². The boards lock in carbon which benefits the environment, as the materials used would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill.

Elliott Fairlie, Head of Decor Management, UK & Ireland, said “As the demand for textured solid colours continues to increase, and the trend evolves, customers are looking for broader choice, with a finish to suit them. With the Texture Meets Colour range, people can create elegant and timeless interiors, with this low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to painted timber.”

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