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News> EGGER helps to support good work of local charity

EGGER helps to support good work of local charity

2018 Tyne Rivers Trust calendar
The recently printed 2018 Tyne Rivers Trust calendar highlights the beautiful Tyne Catchment area with 12 striking river shots taken by keen photographers across North-East England.

Susan Mackirdy, Director of Tyne Rivers Trust said: “The calendar was such a success last year that we wanted to continue it for 2018. Not only does it raise vital funds for the Trust, it is also a great way to celebrate the river.

“Copies were sent as far away as New Zealand and Australia – people from all over the world love the Tyne. The money raised will improve the Tyne for residents and visitors.”

The calendar’s production costs have been covered by EGGER, which has one of its plants sitting alongside the River Tyne at Hexham.
Tobias Zimmermann, Plant Director Technical/Production at EGGER says: “We are delighted to continue to support the good work that Tyne Rivers Trust undertakes. Its commitment to improving the Tyne for people is a good match to our sustainable and environmental commitment at EGGER.”

As the only independent environmental charity dedicated to improving the Tyne Catchment. The charity works with people and communities to protect and enhance the River Tyne and its tributaries, so they are healthy, biodiverse, and an asset for present and future generations

If you’d like a copy of the calendar, it is now on sale from the Tyne Rivers Trust website:

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