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Quick and easy flooring installation.

Flooring installation with CLIC it!

Installation with CLIC it!

The EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+ uses CLIC it!, a new flexible installation system which can be installed three ways. Watch the step-by-step video above to find out how to install an EGGER floor, and what elements needs to be considered.

CLIC it! installation system

  • CLIC it! is a flooring installation system, which can be installed plank-by-plank, row-by-row or tapping.
  • Multifunctional system and saves time because more than one person can work simultaneously.
  • The flooring installation is done element by element resulting in a stable surface.
  • Excellent surface stability.
  • Floor can be used immediately after floating installation.
All EGGER flooring can be installed in private and commercial applications as a floating installation. For areas subject to high traffic full surface gluing installation can be used with PRO Design GreenTec. The installation method you choose is based on the type of flooring, flooring composition and application area.

Installation of skirting boards

Installation of skirtings boards

  • To finish the flooring installation you need appropriate skirting boards
  • We offer matching skirting boards in 6 cm height for all EGGER flooring decors
  • In corners either you cut the skirtings to fit or you can use suitable corner elements
  • Watch video about skirting boards.

Alternative flooring installation systems