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News> 13 reasons to specify laminate for your project

13 reasons to specify laminate for your project

Projects and interiors are more demanding than ever, so it is important to make sure you are specifying the right surface.

Laminate is a staple product for many designers, as it offers flexible design in both commercial and private applications.

Elliott Fairlie, Head of Decor and Design Management, at EGGER UK and Ireland, said “Laminate is the right choice for those looking for a surface that will meets the demands of an interior without compromising on the finish. It provides a realistic, durable and versatile surface that can be used across multiple applications”.

Laminate helps to create a design statement that is robust and functional. This is often difficult to achieve with alternative materials, but thanks to the flexible and hardwearing surface of Laminate, designers’ aspirations can be met.

EGGER’s international collection of 259 laminate decors enables you to design with confidence. Available in woodgrain, uni colour and material finishes, they can be sourced worldwide, so if you are working on an international rollout you can guarantee a consistent look.

13 reasons to specify EGGER Laminate:

1. Available in 259 woodgrain, material and uni-colour decors
2. Offers a realistic, robust and cost effective alternative to solid surfaces
3. Available in eight formats to suit all design requirements: Standard, XL, Gloss & Matt, Feelwood, Door Size, Compact and Coloured Core.
4. High resistance to heat, impact, scratches, wear and water vapour
5. Achieve a coordinated finish with matching board and edging
6. Tested according to ISO 22196:2011, providing a safe antibacterial surface
7. Lightfast surface
8. Easy to process, maintain and clean.
9. Suitable for high traffic areas in commercial interiors including table and desktops, bars, reception desks, doors and worktops.
10. Produced using 57% renewable resources
11. Standard (Type P) and Door Size Laminate are suitable for curved or rounded applications
12. Can be applied onto a wide variety of coreboards to produce a high quality surface
13. Coloured core, HG and XL laminates are Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certified for use in shipbuilding.

To view laminates from the EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-22, please click here.