Professionals and Experts

The right knowledge is vital in order to remain a long term industry leader. In our 18 locations, specialists from a variety of fields make sure that progressive ideas based on wood are developed, produced and marketed.

Expertise from A to Z

Each department has important expert knowledge. During our daily work, the direct exchange between our specialists is of great importance. Current market needs are assessed in order to develop new product solutions, manufacturing processes are verified in order to optimise workflows, and technical solutions are developed in order to further deepen existing customer relationships.

Optimal Conditions

Innovation only thrives in the right environment. In an international company like EGGER, this means: allowing space to think and create, promoting individual strengths, generating new knowledge and valuing the work of each individual. This allows our experts to develop to their full potential.

Working with EGGER also means constantly learning. We promote further development through specialist training. On the basis of personal goal setting, we agree development measures for our employees.

These range from time-management training and international training programmes to Six Sigma. You can find additional information on our further training and development opportunities here.

Successful As A Team

Our experts also have the important task of helping employees and transmitting key knowledge. In their role as mentors, they ensure long lasting learning by developing employees to reach their full potential. As role models, they set the company wide benchmark for a good work ethic.

We have high expectations of our professionals and experts. And at the same time, they have high expectations of us. This strong combination prepares us for a successful future!