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EGGER Decorative Collection tools

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EGGER Decorative Collection tools

What tools are available?

We have a wide range of printed tools available which presents the EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-22 and the EGGER Worktops Collection 2020.

EGGER Decor Reference Guide

Decor Reference Guide

The Decor Reference Guide is a new tool which presents the full EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-22. It is useful for customer presentations due to its size, and how it works alongside EGGER's new app.

EGGER Worktops Collection 2020 Brochure Marketing Materials

EGGER Worktops Collection 2020 Brochure

The EGGER Worktops Collection 2020 brochure is a useful tool which has sizing and availability information, decor scans and application imagery as well as information about matching products and worktop accessories.

  • App scanning function

    Connecting online and offline tools

    Download the EGGER Decorative Collection App and use in conjunction with our offline tools. Scan the decor code and immediately see decor detail and information.

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