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Flooring trends and ideas: Our flooring styles

With style only one thing matters. Your style. Interior design styles are individual. Regardless of the environment in which you feel most comfortable living and working, you will find the right flooring with us. Let our styles inspire you.

Discover our interior design flooring styles

Future Retro. The combination of past and future.

  • Future Retro | EPL207
  • Future Retro | EPL184
  • Future Retro | EPL171

Pure Nature. Back to nature.

  • Pure Nature | EPD034
  • Pure Nature | EPL176
  • Pure Nature | EPL142

Light Urban. Urban design charm.

  • Light Urban | EPL177
  • Light Urban | EPL154
  • Light Urban | EPL028

Perfect Imperfection. Perfection meets emotion.

  • Perfect Imperfection | EPL187
  • Perfect Imperfection | EPC036
  • Perfect Imperfection | EPC042

More inspiration about decors and trends can be found here:

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.