Production and Development

Here you find our Technology, Production, Process Optimisation, Purchasing, Quality Management and Development departments.

Technology, Maintenance and Production

Our employees in the Technology and Maintenance as well as in the Production departments are directly involved in the manufacturing process. Ensuring a smooth production flow from manufacturing the boards to quality checking our products, all the way through to the maintenance and fine tuning of our machines, our people are happy to roll up their sleeves and be practical where required.

Process Optimisation and Quality Management

Process Optimisation makes sure that we are operating efficiently and economically. It deals with the planning and control of our production processes and seeks to constantly improve them. Our Quality Management employees then make sure that our products deliver what they promise.

Technology and Development

Technology and Development plays an important role at EGGER. From developing load bearing honeycomb structures in our lightweight boards all the way through to synchronised pore technology, we are constantly developing our range of products and closely consider the requirements of the market. This requires people with expert knowledge who have creative ideas and solutions.

Technical Purchase

What would EGGER be without wood? Our Wood Buying employees know the quantities of raw materials we need and are in close contact with our trade partners. The high quality standards of EGGER begin with wood buying, right from the selection of the raw material all the way to the efficient and environmentally friendly transport in our plants.