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EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring: An on-trend flooring solution for every application

PRO Laminate Flooring

An extensive range of on-trend decors available in five versatile board formats, and a highly durable, abrasion resistant surface – Egger PRO Laminate Flooring not only looks effortlessly good, but provides a robust, sustainable, and cost effective flooring solution designed to last.


PRO Laminate Flooring downloads:

PRO Laminate Brochure

The structure of EGGER laminate flooring

EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring has a sophisticated product composition. A PEFC certified HDF coreboard with swell barrier+ technology centres every panel, with a highly resilient, anti-abrasion surface for long lasting durability.

EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring

  1. Resilient, highly abrasion-resistant surface
  2. Decor image
  3. HDF swell barrier+ coreboard made of wood
  4. Balancer

Discover the full range

With 80 innovative decors spanning woodgrain, ceramic and tile inspired designs, PRO Laminate flooring offers a look for every application. 18 decors feature our unique Aqua+ technology, with a specially developed coreboard for a moisture resistant solution to your flooring needs.

  • Aqua+


    Aqua+ provides a water resistant flooring solution 5x more resistant to moisture and swelling. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bars, restaurants and retail spaces. Available in 18 decors and two board formats.

  • PRO Laminate Flooring

    Board formats

    EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring uses 5 specially selected board formats to maximise interiors, including Classic, Medium, Large, Long and Kingsize. Available in thicknesses of 7mm – 12mm, applications in both residential and commercial spaces are perfectly catered for.