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EGGER PRO Design Flooring


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A robust and water-resistant solution for commercial and residential areas

If you are looking for a flooring solution that features the latest technology, on-trend decors and is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors, look no further than EGGER PRO Design Flooring.

All 26 trend-orientated decors feature self repair and micro-scratch resistant technology, creating a hard-wearing surface.

Suitable for areas subject to intensive use and temperature change. PRO Design is also 100% PVC free, for a healthy living environment.

Watch our video below to see the full benefits:

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EGGER PRO Design Flooring:

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Discover the benefits of EGGER PRO Design Flooring

Discover the benefits of EGGER PRO Design Flooring

Discover the benefits of EGGER PRO Design Flooring

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Craig James, UK Sales Manager for EGGER Flooring Products, said “EGGER PRO Design Flooring has benefits for the retailer, installer and customer as it is a long lasting, easy to install, high quality floor. It can also withstand temperature fluctuations and is resistant to water, making it a reliable solution across many different areas”

Why choose EGGER PRO Design Flooring?

Self repair and micro-scratch resistant technology

Self repair and micro-scratch resistant technology provides a long lasting, mark free floor.

40% faster than other systems

EGGER flooring is installed using UNIfit!, which means floors are installed 40% faster than other systems.

26 PRO Design decors

Available in 21 woodgrains and five tile decors, there is plenty of choice when choosing flooring for a specific interior.

PRO Design Laminate decors:

  • Out
    Art. 231772 EPD006

    Cracked Oak sand beige

  • Out
    Art. 232045 EPD013

    Oak rustic white

  • Out
    Art. 232250 EPD028

    White Waltham Oak

  • Out
    Art. 232106 EPD015

    Oak elegant sand beige

  • Out
    Art. 232137 EPD032

    Oak sanded natural

  • Out
    Art. 231710 EPD001

    Oak rough nature

  • Out
    Art. 231802 EPD005

    Cracked Oak nature

  • Out
    Art. 231956 EPD008

    Oak modern natural

  • Out
    Art. 232434 EPD016

    Concrete light grey

  • Out
    Art. 232373 EPD018

    Slate colourful

  • Out
    Art. 231895 EPD010

    Oak brushed

  • Out
    Art. 232014 EPD014

    Oak rustic grey

  • Out
    Art. 232281 EPD027

    Natural Waltham Oak

  • Out
    Art. 231680 EPD003

    Oak handscraped

  • Out
    Art. 232076 EPD012

    Walnut brown

  • Out
    Art. 231925 EPD009

    Cracked Oak brown

  • Out
    Art. 231987 EPD007

    Cracked Oak smoke

  • Out
    Art. 232229 EPD029

    Grey Waltham Oak

  • Out
    Art. 231741 EPD002

    Oak rough silver

  • Out
    Art. 231864 EPD011

    Oak brushed grey

  • Out
    Art. 231833 EPD004

    Oak old grey

  • Out
    Art. 232403 EPD017

    Concrete dark grey

  • Out
    Art. 232168 EPD031

    Oak sanded brown

  • Out
    Art. 232342 EPD019

    Metal bronze

  • Out
    Art. 232199 EPD030

    Brown Waltham Oak

  • Out
    Art. 232311 EPD020

    Slate black

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