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EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring: Warm, soft, quiet

EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring

EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring has nature at its core. Noise is absorbed by the specialist insulating double cork layer and over 40 million thermo-insulating cork cells provide a warm and soft feel underfoot, ideal for cooler climates.

The innovative surface is easy to care for and resistant to lasting marks, making it well suited to areas such as living rooms, children’s play areas and bedrooms.

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EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring


Why use EGGER PRO Comfort flooring?

  • The outmoded image of cork floors is a thing of the past!

    Trend-led decors

    Available in 28 trend-led decors including wood and stone reproductions and creative designs with striking patterns. HD digitally printed decors and a wide variety of surface textures will give a room character and style.

  • High levels of comfort - also when it comes to cleaning

    Easy to care for and resistant to lasting marks

    Thanks to its environmentally-friendly surface coating, EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring is extremely easy and quick to clean, using a vacuum cleaner or a moist cloth.

  • Environmentally friendly and contributing to a healthy home

    Environmentally friendly and 100% PVC-free

    The raw materials in the multi-certified EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring are harvested from PEFC-certified forests. The boards are 100% PVC-free with no poisonous dyes used throughout production.

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