Personnel development

Personnel Development Working at EGGER means you are constantly developing your strengths and potential. During your annual employee appraisal, you have the opportunity to discuss what direction your career should head in and decide together on the development measures required to achieve this.

Training Catalogue

We have defined training standards that apply to the whole EGGER Group.
Our employees select relevant courses from our training catalogue together with their line managers/supervisors.
As such, we give employees a wide spectrum of possibilities including, for example, Microsoft Office training, self-management courses, business knowledge courses and the chance to learn new presentation techniques.
The training catalogue also focuses on offering measures to develop interpersonal and method competencies. Any required specialist training courses will be agreed individually.

EGGER KOMPAKT - The training programme with a vision


Our employees are our strength. They make EGGER the successful company it is today; EGGER KOMPAKT focuses on this point. Nine training sessions in total impart our internal strengths and promote the exchange between employees and the specialist departments.

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Our programmes for skilled employees

IT.step & LOG.step

The IT.step and LOG.step programmes develop the technical knowledge of our IT and Logistics employees, equipping them for the future. Through a stepped structure, the programmes ensure the continued development of those teams, as well as the long term success of our employees and the company.

Start Up Sales

During a 9 month training programme, we prepare participants for their future tasks as EGGER sales representatives. In addition to commercial training, interpersonal skills are developed to ensure participants have the strong sales negotiation techniques required to build long term customer relationships.

Programme for wood buyers

Wood buying is a key function within the company. For this reason, we have developed our own 10 month trainee programme, whereby participants become highly qualified wood buying specialists who work closely with our suppliers to select and order our most important raw material.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is an internationally recognised management system, which EGGER uses to improve internal processes and to fulfil customers’ needs. During the Six Sigma training sessions, participants undergo in-depth training needed for the implementation of this tool. At EGGER, we enable employees to progress up to Six Sigma project manager level.

Our manager programmes

Approximately 80% of our managers have been promoted from within the company.
We have developed three training programmes:


The programme for potential and emerging managers concentrates on promoting interpersonal and business skills with an international focus. We form Group wide teams which participate in an 18 month basic training programme and realise a real project together. In this context, the participants develop leadership behaviour competencies and learn how to work strategically in networks.


Impuls is basic training for managers who are new in their position, to deepen their existing management knowledge and to acquire up to date management methods. International workshops emphasise existing management approaches used all over the Group and aim at developing required competencies.


The strategically oriented "Spirit" management training takes place every two years for managers from all divisions of the company. They discuss existing company objectives and management systems, generate new specialist knowledge and expand their own leadership competencies during this two day meeting.

The management training courses "Impuls" and "Spirit" complement each other and are addressed to plant directors, country managers and managers in the service areas.

Local Leadership Programme