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PerfectSense Topmatt

PerfectSense Topmatt

PerfectSense Topmatt

The hard wearing super matt laminate

Perfect Sense Topmatt - EGGER’s award winning solution to your demand for highly resilient, super-matt, incredibly velvet-like surfaces that last.

Deep, rich, and velvet to the touch, the incredibly smooth-touch texture of EGGER Topmatt provides a luxurious finish, adding an air of exclusivity to both residential and commercial spaces – perfect for creating a deeply inviting, high-end look within kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office environments.

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Topmatt Flyer Laminate PerfectSense Topmatt Laminate Processing Instructions

Order a sample of PerfectSense Topmatt

We offer samples of PerfectSense Topmatt so you can use them in presentations to help assist your customers.

The samples are an A4 (297 x 210 x 0,8 mm). They are free to order for business users, all you have to do is login or register, and you will be able to order one.