Organisation and Control

Our teams in the Finance, IT and HR departments provide the business support functions.

Controlling, Accounting and Treasury

In Controlling and Accounting, attention to detail is always required where money is involved. Our employees release orders, assess financial opportunities and risks, and make sure that all our business activities are conducted properly and economically. In this way, our company will continue to stand on solid footing into the future.


As experts in technical matters, IT employees are absolutely necessary in the digital era. However, our computer specialists are more than just system administrators. From Accounting to HR management and all the way to Logistics, they develop software solutions for all our company departments, constantly keeping the big picture in mind.


EGGER thrives on the commitment and motivation of its employees. It is the role of our HR department to select the right person for each and every position, from the multitude of applicants. In addition, they are responsible for developing further training programmes. They recognise an individual’s potential and make sure that this is developed.