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More than worktops

With open plan living becoming increasingly popular, the kitchen has become the place everyone meets, making it not only a space to cook in but also dine, work and play.

EGGER worktops and matching or complementary products provide the key ingredients to create distinctive, design-led kitchens at the heart of the home.

EGGER worktops for a beautiful kitchen

Beautifully tactile

Create a premium look and feel with decors and textures that are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood, stone and ceramic but with all the hardwearing, hygienic, and easy to care for benefits of laminate.

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F283 ST22 Boston Concrete

The look without the drawbacks

Our Feelwood range includes impressive woodgrain worktops that provide a cost-effective alternative to real wood. The grain is perfectly aligned with the texture, creating a high-end look and feel, with the added benefit of easier maintenance. Matching end grain edging can be used to achieve the look of sawn timber.

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H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak

Sleek profiles

Sleek profiles

Our stylish sleek profiles and clean lines mirror the look of granite and stone, as well as wood. These worktops are perfect for projects that require an authentic, robust and square edge finish.

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F311 ST87 Ceramic Anthracite (25mm UK only)

Seamless look

Matching or contrasting splashbacks and upstands not only create a distinctive modern design, they can also be easily maintained, ensuring the high value look lasts for longer.

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H3303 ST10 Natural Arlington Oak

Matching or complementary products from one source

Matching or complementary products from one source

How the worktop combines with other furniture within the kitchen makes all the difference. EGGER offers its worktop decors with matching edging, matching or contrasting splashbacks and upstands. Opportunities to mix and match all of these with EGGER door frontals, end panels, and even flooring, mean beautiful kitchens can be seamlessly designed for all tastes.