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Anything but colourless

Stęszew (PL)

A cooking experience all in black
The kitchen is no longer just a room for cooking. It has become the centre of family life. Therefore it has been important to focus on a durable and timeless design when planning and designing a kitchen. The architect opted for a monochrome matt-black kitchen with PerfectSense Matt surfaces in U999 PM Black.

The simple yet elegant style of the black cooking oasis skillfully highlights the playful splashback panel with a mosaic look and allows the cool turquoise to shine brightly. The look makes a real statement. Far from the mainstream, the architect places enormous value on first-class design and also emphasises the practical advantages, such as the reduced cleaning effort due to the anti-fingerprint property of PerfectSense Matt.

Decor used:

Executed by:


UNDERWOOD Meble Sp. z o.o.


Adam Dolny
3D Wizualizacje i Projektowanie


Underwood Meble sp. z o.o.

Construction period:



All shown decors are reproductions.