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The Run Hub

Dublin (IE)

The Run Hub goes the extra mile with EGGER

When The Run Hub launched its second store in Dublin city centre, EGGER laminates were chosen to create a minimalist boutique environment.

'Going the extra mile' for customers is at the heart of The Run Hub’s philosophy. The store caters for all runners and offers a wide range of accessories. The Run Hub is focussed on providing customers with high quality products and the launch of this store creates an environment that reflects this.

EGGER’s popular woodgrain decor H3332 ST10 Grey Nebraska Oak and on-trend material decor F186 ST9 Light Grey Chicago Concrete were used throughout the interior. The surface texture of Grey Nebraska Oak provides an authentic feel to the visually weathered wooden surface, whilst the tactile Light Grey Chicago Concrete decor is very well suited to the modern store design.
Retail displays and sales unit framing were created using Grey Nebraska Oak, and Light Grey Chicago Concrete features on the store’s eye-catching sales desk.

Aspire Interior Solutions were responsible for the design and installation of the project. They chose EGGER laminate to create a contemporary and minimalist interior as required by the client. Warren Beattie of Aspire Interior Solutions said, “We have used EGGER products for some time now and specify them whenever we can. The wide range of decors and finishes, including edging is great. EGGER laminates were chosen for this project and these two particular decors suited the overall store design. Product pricing and availability were also a very good match for our budget and timeframe.”

Realised by:


Aspire Interior Solutions, Bangor, Ireland


Aspire Interior Solutions, Bangor, Ireland

Construction period:

June 2018 – July 2018


All shown decors are reproductions.