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Living in a barrel

Cantercel (FR)

Residential Barrels

The student project of the University Innsbruck “Barrel with façade” has been brought to life.
On terrain reserved for architectural experiments in Cantercel in the South of France, students of the school of architecture and civil engineering at the University of Innsbruck have made three residential barrels of wood within the framework of four workshops. Producers in the construction industry supported the project by sponsoring the necessary material. The elliptical shape of the residential barrels was achieved with a total of 180 CNC milled segment arches, which were screwed together into egg-shaped wooden ribs.zusammengeschraubt wurden.

The façades at the back and the entry area were made with EGGER OSB 3 boards on the inside and DHF on the outside. The interior design used EGGER MDF and compact laminate. The barrels fulfil the criteria of the low energy standard, have controlled living space ventilation and are rendered self-sufficient through a photovoltaic system. In the future, these residential barrels are expected to be used as comfortable overnight accommodation.

Implemented by:

Builder / customer:

Univ.-Prof. Michael Flach, University of Innsbruck, and Jean-Pierre Campredon, Sens Espace Europe Cantercel

Concept and implementation:

Students of the University of Innsbruck

Construction time/implementation:

  • Student competition and planning 2014 and 2015
  • Shell construction April to September 2015
  • Interior design May 2016


© Michael Flach


All shown decors are reproductions.