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Shimmering metallic designs

Gold, silver and bronze: these metallic colours never fail to raise the heart rate of design aficionados. And here they are, re-interpreted – palpitations guaranteed!

Clock with style

The metal of the Gods and Kings – gold has been known as such since time immemorial, with a price tag to match. For who else can afford to pay these prices? But this wall clock by is a more wallet-friendly reproduction that brings a touch of glamour and a welcome hint of luxury into your chosen room. Fine, straight lines adorn the rough surface, turning this metallic clock into something extraordinary.

This clock by will confidently grace any wall.

© KARE Design GmbH

The designer car of the future

Metallic effects are not restricted to interior design, as aptly demonstrated by Renault's concept car Trezor. The technology and design are revolutionary; the style of the silver paintwork original. Inspired by nature and the hexagonal cells of beehives, the striking finish is unique with its honeycomb effect while the interior is finished in wood and leather.

The metallic honeycomb finish makes the new Renault Trezor the only thing worth looking at on the street.


Reclining on glitter

A sofa bedecked with cosy cushions: is there anything more inviting after a long, hard day? The key here is the fabric: the velvety, bronze-coloured materials by Effabrics are simultaneously a comfortable and glamorous oasis of peace. The linear effect on the fabric adds the perfect finishing touch and character to these cushions.

Exciting design with enticing materials: the cushions by Effabrics

© Effabrics

Oriental persuasion

Splendid palaces, flying carpets and colourful spices: this is the vision conjured up by the golden, ornamental carpets produced by Marburg Wallcoverings and which draws you into the mystical world of 1001 nights. Originating in Oriental architecture, the tendril-like design now adds a touch of Western flair to any room.

The "Catania" wallcovering collection by Marburger Tapetenfabrik will give your home a new lease of life

© Marburger Tapetenfabrik

Up on high

Vases have long since ceased to be mere resting places for cut flowers; they have become a design feature in their own right. This silver floor vase by Leewadee tastefully enhances any room, the grooves on this handmade piece of art giving the noble metal a particularly appealing look.
Hint: make the piece even more noteworthy with the addition of a few fronds or long grasses.

This vase by Leewadee adds a touch of luxury to your room, while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor.

© Vase Leewadee