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Ochiltree Community Hub Re-development

Cumnock, Scotland (UK)

The Ochiltree Community Hub is in the heart of the Cumnock community in Ayrshire, Scotland. EGGER were delighted to donate EGGER Protect structural flooring boards and Joint & Joist Adhesive to this community project. Located less than 2 miles from EGGER’s Barony plant in Auchinleck, the contribution to the redevelopment by the company helps to benefit the residents of the local area. The aim of the community centre development has sought to support the local community and surrounding areas with a number of initiatives in line with their charitable aims.

EGGER Protect and Joint & Joist Adhesive was used throughout the redevelopment of the community centre, offering various benefits to the builders, Ashleigh Construction as well as providing protection against moisture ingress throughout the life of the build.

EGGER Protect is only board from EGGER that offers dual-sided protection from moisture ingress, meaning the boards can be laid in light rain conditions and left exposed to the elements for up to 60 days. This provided peace of mind to the builders that the boards would remain structurally sound when they were faced with unexpected delays onsite. When used together, EGGER Protect and Joint & Joist Adhesive form vital components of the Advanced Structural Flooring Range, which when installed using EGGER’s Fitting Guide, offers a unique lifetime guarantee to the builder. The guarantee covers the structural performance of the finished floor for a lifetime.

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Realised by:


Ochiltree Community Hub, Cumnock, UK


Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd, UK


ICA, Glasgow, UK


Workspace, Perth, UK

Construction period:

July 2018 – June 2019


All shown decors are reproductions.