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Life is a Loft

As industry withdrew, creative types populated the empty factory floors of big cities. Art, furniture design and work life profited from this international trend.

Space, light, expanse

Space is not divided into rooms, it becomes one unit.

"In Europe, the loft was ‘discovered’ only in the ‘70s, but by the '80s it was a status symbol. Currently, at least in big cities, there are only a small amount of derelict industrial buildings available to convert into houses." Ursula Geismann, Trend Analyst of the Association of the German Furniture Industry

Furniture becomes sculptures

Pieces of furniture become sculptures that can be appreciated from all angles.

Space Division

Light and open spaces: lofts break with traditional ways of living and create room for new ideas.

Co-working Spaces

Thanks to lofts, we have increasingly popular co-working spaces, open spaces, where you can rent a work space on an hourly or daily basis.