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Deep matt - the new chic

Whether it's lighting, accessories, furniture or cars, matt finishes are the current number one trend, inviting touch and discovery.

Bloomingville Pineapples

Touch it! With these tactile objects, it’s virtually impossible not to run your fingers over their surfaces. This isn’t just down to the design, however, it’s also thanks to the material. In matte porcelain, every detail is almost more than real.

Design Fruit

"Seed 01" by Valdama

Who says that bathrooms should always sparkle? On the contrary, the only thing that absolutely must sparkle is your reflection in the mirror. Ceramic washbasin "Seed 01" by Valdama

Happy in matt

"Tartan" by Ludovica and Robert Palomba

The traditional Scottish tartan is surprisingly versatile, as proved by the "Tartan" pendant light, created by the designers Ludovica and Robert Palomba. This year they have introduced a new colour to the tartan checks, using grey to emphasise the matt effect.

Quite simply grey on grey

SMEG's "Fab28RRV1" refrigerator

Matt red looks particularly good on this 50’s style refrigerator. In fact, it’s super-cool! For those who prefer "black-tie" to "cocktail", it also comes in matt black.

A refrigerator for every occasion

Kitchen Aid's "Artisan" food processor

The gleaming stainless steel bowl provides the perfect contrast to the matt finish of the machine, available in cast-iron black and terracotta.

Black on black

"Seconds" watch by Nocs Atelier

"Nocs Atelier" is a division of the Swedish audio company "Nocs" – and perhaps this is why their first watch has been designed tone-in-tone: the time is displayed in black on black. The second hand, however, ticks along in rose gold or silver.