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Feelwood for Far East flavours

KOI Japanese Restaurant, Oderzo (IT)

Asian elegance with EGGER products
Architect Roberto Santin used the Feelwood synchronised pore surfaces from EGGER to design the Japanese Koi restaurant in Oderzo, Italy. The decors H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak as well as H3406 ST38 Anthracite Mountain Larch give the restaurant a naturalness that takes up the Asian style on tables, the

reception counter, and on the wall cladding. A special feature of the restaurant is the original and imaginative use of EGGER Eurolight. The architect deliberately decided to give Eurolight in a unique way: In a matching design, they form modern partition walls that create privacy, but do not completely separate.

Used Products

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

Ren Chaofeng & C. sas, Oderzo (IT)


Studio Santin, Arch. Roberto Santin, Caneva (IT)


Bidue Di Bressan & Barazza S.N.C., Sacile (IT)

Construction period:

January to March 2018

Illustration credits:

© Nicola Venturuzzo


All shown decors are reproductions.