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Kielder Observatory

Northumberland (UK)

EGGER’s latest project is out of this world

EGGER Protect plays a starring role at an award-winning new observatory in the heart of Kielder Forest in Northumberland.

Kielder Observatory sits inside Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, Europe’s largest area of protected night sky. Industry-leading structural flooring board, EGGER Protect, has been used throughout the new 65sq metre Gillian Dickinson Astroimaging Academy that sits alongside the existing observatory.

The dual-sided weather resistant surface is ideal for the 17sq metre viewing area which is exposed to the elements when the retractable roof is open.
With over 23,000 visitors a year, a floor with a hard-wearing surface was also necessary. The anti-slip properties of EGGER Protect also provide an added health and safety benefit for all round peace of mind.

Since opening in 2008, more than 80,000 people have visited the observatory to celebrate some of the darkest skies in the world. The new £250,000 academy will be home to the education and outreach work.

EGGER Protect contains wood-based materials sourced from Kielder Forest, meaning that the product has returned home.

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society, Northumberland (UK),, The Dreamstone Woodworking Company, Bellingham/Northumberland (UK),

Construction period:

Oct 2017 – May 2018