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James Jones picks EGGER Protect for latest processing plant

Lockerbie (UK)

Leading timber processor, James Jones & Sons Ltd, specified EGGER Protect at its new facility near Lockerbie.

The 18 acre Hangingshaw development is a strategic investment for the company, and EGGER Protect contributes to its successful implementation.

The 20,000 square metre building is the size of three football pitches, and the centrepiece of a recently completed £17 million development by one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of sawn timber products. EGGER Protect flooring was installed on all of the high-level walkways and access platforms around the advanced production machines. This application brings health and safety benefits, with the textured surface of the board offering market-leading anti-slip characteristics.

“We know it is a durable product that is easy to install and keep clean. The surface is non-slip, which means we don’t have to worry about moisture or sawdust on it, and as an added bonus, it looks really good!” said Tobbe Sandberg, James Jones technical manager.

“This is a less-common application of EGGER Protect which is usually used in UK housebuilding,” adds Alan White, Director of Sales for EGGER Building Products. A market-leading structural flooring panel, Protect is made from EGGER P5 flooring-grade chipboard with a moisture-resistant surface layer applied to the top and underside of the board.

Realised by:

Customer / builder:

James Jones & Sons Ltd. (UK)

Construction period:

Feb 2017 – May 2017