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Deli Gets a Dazzling Makeover

All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. Riches also come in black.

Spanish ham could never have dreamed of such an honour: in a few weeks, it will be fully mature and will take its place alongside other deli specialities on a deep-black, dazzling stage in the north German town of Preetz. The traditionally all-white butcher‘s Habermann has been renovated and re-imagined as a stylish delicatessen and bistro. Here, EGGER’s PerfectSense Gloss lacquered sheets in high-shine black U999 have played an important role: displaying the goods in perfect (mirror) image.

...a deep-black, dazzling stage ...

The brief was to re-design the shop in order to do justice to the exclusive wares on display. The family-run business in Northern Germany has been renovated and now has something extra – and perfectly so: hygienic cleanliness, functionality and the appearance of a high-end gourmet deli.

PerfectSense Gloss Black U999


All shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.