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Hotel Vincci Gala

Barcelona (ES)

Salvador Dali reinterpreted

Vincci Gala - an unusual four-star design hotel in Barcelona.
The Hotel Vincci Gala is located in a mansion built in 1900. Thanks to its modern interior design, it harmoniously merges tradition (facade and staircase in mansion style) and design inspired by Salvador Dali. The dark-brown decor H3058 Mali Wenge was selected for the design of rooms, as well as the lobby, reception, bar and restaurant.
Inside the library, the decor H3114 Tirano Pearwood creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with the warm shades to the grain. In the rooms, the EUROLIGHT boards with the decor W1000 Premium White are in stylish contrast with the Mali Wenge decor. These robust yet light boards were used for the TV furniture, tables, and desks.

Implemented by:


TBI Architecture & Engineering (Gregor Mertens)
Barcelona (ES) 


Polinyà (ES)

Construction period:



All shown decors are reproductions.