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GlamDustrial: industry becomes elegant

A trend whose component parts couldn't be more different: GlamDustrial transforms the raw industrial power of metal and concrete with a chic, elegant touch.

The daylight that streams into the room is refracted by the glass prisms of this opulent chandelier and the soft rays of light dance across the exposed redbrick walls, the rugged steel girders and the cool concrete. At first glance, it all seems to have been thrown together without a moment's thought. But the opposite is very much true here. A great deal of thought and consideration went into the finely-balanced combination of these two interior trends: Industrial Style combined with understated glamour results in GlamDustrial.

Rugged masculinity warmed by soft femininity
Striking woodwork and processed metal finishes, which can also be found in EGGER's style world Industrial Style could quite easily be characterised as pure masculinity, given their appearance and colours. But the light and warm colours provided by feminine materials such as glass, crystal and delicate materials and feature lighting create the perfect counterpoint in such spaces. The look is rounded off with a rugged-looking metal and concrete floor, complemented by the dark stone and reclaimed wood. Combined with these playful furnishings, these finishes lend any room a unique and individual charm.


All shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.