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An Eclectic Look

Retreat (UK)

Wellbeing studio choses EGGER for its new venture.

Located in the small, but lively town of Bangor, Eclectic, a luxurious mind and body wellbeing retreat, has opened a three-story studio on the main street.

The state of the art studio features wall and ceiling slats throughout the tranquil and elegant space in woodgrain decor H1146 ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak.

Designed to transform the mind and body through Pilates classes and beauty treatments, the interior focuses on neutral colour tones and natural textures.

Dougan Contracts, a joinery specialist, also based in Bangor, was commissioned to complete the project and selected EGGER for its unrivalled selection of authentic woodgrain decors.

In line with the Eclectic focus on wellbeing, Dougan Contract used EGGER's carbon negative melamine faced chipboard with matching edging for the slats, which are a key design element throughout the project. H1146 ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak fits in perfectly with the contemporary interior. Its light colour tones and delicate texture complements the other materials used in the design, to create a warm and inviting space. As well as the slats, the decor was used to create wall units, door frontals and shelving.

Ryan Dougan, Company Director of Dougan Contracts, said, "For this project we wanted a consistent look across all rooms in the three storey building. Thanks to EGGER’s matching product offering we were able to use MFC, laminate and edging in the same decors."

"EGGER is our go to supplier of woodgrain designs, its collection is vast, and has something to fit with all interior styles. We have a close relationship with EGGER and can always rely on its quality, products, service and availability."

Executed by:


Dougan Contracts

Construction period:



All shown decors are reproductions.