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Design Guide: See where your ideas could go.

Design Guide: See where your ideas could go.

Start to create your ideas with the EGGER Design Guide! »Try it now

Discover our new EGGER Design Guide

Start to create your ideas with the EGGER Design Guide! »Try it now

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Every project starts with a good idea.

Looking for inspiring decor combinations and new ways of visualising your ideas?
EGGER supports you in your design phase and consultancy. No matter what project you are planning, the wide range of services will help you exceed your customers' expectations.

How you can benefit!

  • Design Guide

    Create ideas with the Design Guide

    Get inspired by 90 trend oriented decor applications and develop your own ideas with decors from the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019. With the Design Guide you are always prepared for your next project and customer meeting.

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  • Laminate Design Wall

    Laminate Design Wall

    With 297 laminates in woodgrain, uni colour and material decors, we have a palette for creating eye-catching interiors. Just drag and drop the decors from the wall into any order you like, or pick out your favourites to see how they compare or contrast.

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  • Insights December - New Year, New Collection

    EGGER Insights

    Our 2017-2019 collection is coming to an end, but don't fear, the new EGGER Decorative Collection is here! Built on current successes and the latest design trends, you will discover new, exciting decors and surfaces for all interiors.

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  • Visualising textures in 3D

    Experience textures in 3D

    This new function gives you a first glimpse of the surface. Just move it around and get a real feeling of the decor. Available for all devices.

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  • EGGER Trendcast videos

    Trendcast Videos

    Keep up with the latest design trends across Europe.
    Watch our short videos with our décor expert Elliott Fairlie explains how you can use EGGER decors to match the latest trends.

    Watch Trendcast videos

  • Download décor data

    Decor data for your software

    You can easily download all decor data and implement it with your planning software. All decor scans are available in 72 dpi or 300 dpi for print. Simply log on to myEGGER or register first and click on decor data.

    Download decor data

  • Design Guide integration on your website

    Design Guide for your website

    Integrate the online application with your website and your customer can benefit too. Copy the link or contact us directly for assistance: