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Indian Restaurant Dabbawal puts EGGER on the menu

Jesmond (UK)

Indian Restaurant Dabbawal puts EGGER on the menu

Indian restaurant Dabbawal features the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019 in its colourful interior.

Dabbawal has upgraded its table tops from hardwood to EGGER H1486 ST36 Pasadena Pine with coordinating edge. The decor was chosen as the restaurant required a surface well suited to high activity.

The decor features Feelwood technology which gives a deeply brushed but very natural, matt finish giving the surface an authentic look and feel.
Designed by Ian Gowland from Big Blue Interior Design and fabricated by Kriolis in Lithuania, the new table tops coordinate well with the interior which is made up of bright colours, illustrations and Indian artefacts.

Ian Gowland, MD, Big Blue Interior Design, said, “I chose EGGER for this project as I knew they would be able to deliver a high quality finish and good decor selection. The Pasadena Pine table tops to reflect the natural element found in a modern Indian environment and give us a hard-wearing solution.”

Implemented by:


Dabbawal, Jesmond (TR),


Ian Gowland, Big Blue Interior Design



Construction period:

October 2016 – December 2016