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CEP exhibition stand ISPO 2017

Bayreuth (DE)

Matt in the limelight

High-quality athletic trade fair presentation
The goal of the CEP, the intelligent sportswear, exhibition stand at the ISPO 2017 in Munich was to highlight the company’s products. This was achieved by using the reserved, but nevertheless striking and high-quality, PerfectSense Matt in U999 Black on the body of the exhibition stand, on fronts, presentation surfaces, counters and doors.
The matt surface, which feels like velvet, created a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The seating corner in U650 ST15 Lime Green set a colourfully fresh and athletic accent. The subtly-used decor W980 Platinum White made counters, platforms, and exhibition surfaces look as if they were floating. PerfectSense Matt in U999 Black was also used for the design of the doors, which runs flush with adjacent surfaces.

Implemented by:

Customer / Builder

CEP – the intelligent Sportswear / medi GmbH & Co. KG, contact person: Steffen Vierrether, Bayreuth (DE), /


Stahlmann Project GmbH, Bayreuth (DE),


Schreinerei Stahlmann GmbH, contact person: Helmut Mai, Bayreuth (DE),

Construction period:

January to February 2017


All shown decors are reproductions.