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Elegant and cosy atmosphere in a small space

Apartment, Bucharest (RO)

Due to the rising demand for housing, apartments all around the world are becoming smaller and smaller. This fact challenges architects to design and think functional and comfortable living areas that also reflect the way of living and thinking of the people that live inside. This apartment is the usual size for an apartment in Romania (65m²). The architect has chosen an extremely creative furnishing solution. The charm of this apartment stays in the way the wood reproductions and the white areas are interplaying and creating a very cosy atmosphere. Visitors enter a very inviting space. The shoe cabinet made with H3154 ST36 Dark Brown Charleston Oak is ideal for storing footwear. The two-room apartment in the North of Bucharest has a style somewhere between classical and modern. Thus, the grey and whitish tones in combination with woodgrain decors leave a very stylish and well-balanced impression.

The living room is the most spacious room in this apartment. The brightness of the W1000 ST9 Premium White decor provides a welcome contrast to the Dark Brown Charleston Oak. The TV and living area offers storage space thanks to the shelf elements in Premium White. The kitchen area shows that limited space doesn't impose restrictions on the design. To the contrary, compact spaces mean better organisation while preparing the meals. The kitchen looks warmer thanks to Dark Brown Charleston Oak. The combination with Premium White creates a visual liveliness and helps the space look more elegant and simple. The bedroom leaves a light and friendly impression thanks to the decor H3309 ST28 Sand Gladstone Oak. The well thought-out room lighting combines the daylight reflected by the white and light woodgrain decor with artificial light.

Executed by:


Anca-Daniela Ciubotariu, Tree House Concept, Bucharest, Romania

Tree House Concept


Cristian Coman, Bucharest, Romania

Construction period:



All shown decors are reproductions.