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Laminate installed on wall and ceiling

Sofia (BG)

Laminate flooring turned upside down

Laminate flooring used quite differently. In Sofia, laminate was used as a creative design element.
When designing the apartment, the aim was to create three different areas in a space with a total area of 60 m²: A lounge, where one can comfortably watch TV, listen to music, or chat. A dining area, and a kitchen.

The room was not large enough for an optical division with three different floors. In order to separate the dining area and the lounge, it was decided to creatively install laminate flooring on the walls and the ceiling. The custom-made lounge area now appears to be self-contained and larger.

Implemented by:


Astrade Company Ltd., Sofia (BG),

Interior Designer:

Fine Design Ltd., Sofia (BG),


Parketen Stil, Sofia (BG),

Construction period:

October 2013 to November 2013


All shown decors are reproductions.