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Inspiration> EGGER Insights> Uni Colours

EGGER Insights: Uni Colours

EGGER Insights: Uni Colours
Bold, bright and beautiful.

Create a striking interior with a range of vivid uni colours from the EGGER Decorative Collection 2020. Choose from over 100 decors, in matching MFC, MDF, Laminate and ABS edging.

Pair with a woodgrain or material finish for a refreshing accent, or create impact by letting the uni colour take centre stage.

For more design inspiration, view our  Interactive Design Wall. 

Infinity Blues

Add personality to designs with subtle accents of blue. Mix effortlessly with greys, woodgrains and stone materials for a sense of calmness and individuality.

Warm and Cool Greys

Our extensive range of greys are the perfect base for contemporary designs. Creating a light and fresh feel, grey tones are perfect for use across a variety of applications.

Vivid Reds and Pinks

Our range of reds, oranges and pinks offer all the tones needed to create cosy looks, dramatic schemes or uplifting spaces.

  • EGGER Decor Reference Guide

    Decor Reference Guide

    The Decor Reference Guide is a new tool which presents the full EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-22. It is useful for customer presentations due to its size, and how it works alongside EGGER's new app.

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*18mm MFC available from UK Stock.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.