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EGGER Insights: Accent Edging

EGGER Insights: Accent Edging

Black combines effortlessly with rustic timbers, elegant woodgrains and muted solid colours.

Contemporary high-end design requires fine attention to detail. With EGGER Accent Edging, a contrasting trim can transform a simple edge into a feature of innovative design.

Designed to replicate cores of plywood, block board, authentic metal and more, the EGGER Accent Edging range extends the on-trend look of mixed materials into the finishing touches, for a sophisticated, impactful style.

Create the look of plant-on pieces to a wood or metallic core with Doppia edging, or the intricate effect of layered timber using Three-Layer options. Multiplex and Linear edgings recreate the look of a stylish plywood or compact core bonded with laminate, ideal for solid colours.

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Slide to transform a simple edge into a cutting edge design concept.

  • H8955 SM Multiplex Black

  • F8981 AC Doppia Black-Copper

  • F8982 AC Doppia Black-Gold

  • F8980 LI Linea Black

  • H8956 ST10 Three Layer White-Grey

  • H8957 ST10 Three Layer Natural

  • H8958 ST10 Three Layer Anthracite

H8955_A_02.jpg H8955_B_02.jpg
F8981_AC_A.jpg F8981_AC_B.jpg
F8982_AC_A.jpg F8982_AC_B.jpg
F8980_A_01.jpg F8980_B_01.jpg
H8956_A_01.jpg H8956_B_01.jpg
H8957_A_01.jpg H8957_B_01.jpg
H8958_A_01.jpg H8958_B_01.jpg

Designed to replicate cores of sleek metal …

Layered timber …

Bonded plywood … and more.

EGGER Accent Edging. For highly detailed design that stands out.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.