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NEW! Flexibility without complexity

Carcassing within furniture is often either matching, to tie in with doors and other elements of the design, or quite frequently, white, as seen particularly with large popular furniture manufacturers.

However, this has changed somewhat in recent years, with manufacturers wanting to offer the consumer choice, such as door styles and colours etc. whilst taking out the complexity of offering a large range of matching carcasses.
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Something Different

Within the furniture industry, where many designs and styles can often look the same, manufacturers and designers are now looking for that ‘something different’ to set themselves apart.

Rather than just through colour, they are looking to differentiate using finishes with deep textures and highly realistic prints, which look and feel like the real thing.

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Dark Woods

In the past dark, rich woodgrains have been associated with high end furniture design. Recently we’ve noticed a change in their application as a number of new dark woodgrain alternatives have been introduced to create a modern yet luxurious finish.

These new decors feature a colour variation in the grain, this helps to combine them with popular solid colours for a contemporary look and feel. As these darker shades have evolved they are now being used to break down large interiors and lighten-up spaces.
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Style Revival

Over recent years we have seen the revival of popular designs and styles from the past reappearing in natural and modern ways.

This is partly down to texture and print development, making these designs more realistic. But also due to their variety of colour, making them ideally suited to the current trend of mixing popular trend orientated whites and greys with woodgrain designs.
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Accent Colours

Over the years, we have seen many different accent colours proving popular, with many paint manufacturers and companies such as Pantone, promoting these trend orientated shades to great effect.

With the trend for these aqua shades gaining prominence, this palette of carefully considered decors, enable you to create trend inspired designs to meet your needs.

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Bringing Ideas To Life

Due to the reach of the internet we are seeing people accessing worldwide trends. This has seen an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional styles becoming more prominent. With consumers now wanting to replicate the styles and designs they see, often at a price point to suit their needs.

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The trend towards mix and match sees contrasting textures being used to create an opposing look and feel. Following this trend, PerfectSense was created with a new range of trend orientated colours in a premium high-gloss and matt-lacquered finish.

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Matt Surfaces

Due to the high demand of matt finishes, sees the introduction of PerfectSense Top Matt, developed to meet this growing trend and tie in with the PerfectSense product offer.

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Texture Meets Colour

As solid colour continues to dominate, designers are looking at ways to create designs which add texture and tactility to often flat, stark colour.

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The Future of Mix & Match

Mix and match has been a topic which has been around for some time however, now it can be seen in many forms, as individuality within design increases.

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Colour Meets Nature

In recent years, we have seen people moving away from the requirement of a particular wood species and more towards the request for a certain colour tone or look.

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Modern Classics

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of classic designs being used with a modern twist, to create a timeless yet contemporary look.

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New Monochrome

Monochrome is a topic that never seems to fade however, recently, we have seen the emergence of monochrome design with a new, modern twist.

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Details Matter

Increasingly, designers are looking at ways to differentiate themselves, whilst consumers are looking for designs which create an impression of personalisation and individuality. As a result, we are increasingly seeing designs where contrast edging creates the opportunity to use the edge as a design feature.

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Coordinated Interiors

With an increasing demand for open plan spaces that are coordinated to create the right look and feel for multifunctional living, creating that coordinated look requires materials that either match or complement the worktop.

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Nordic Design

Recently, we have seen the emergence of Nordic influences within design. This includes light, often whitewashed, timbers, which can be used in combination with textiles, a mix of cool greys, aqua colours or modern metallic accents.

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Natural Woods

Surface texture is becoming more and more important, with customers wanting the latest design trends that not only look, but feel like the real thing. With this trend sees the introduction of two striking oak designs that are a true representation of rustic solid wood.

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Painted Timber Effect

Painted Timber Effect

There has been an increase in demand for a classic and contemporary painted finish within interior furniture design. Painted in muted tones with a heritage feel, it can be used to create an elegant, timeless and high-value look.

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Deep Textures

As the trend for naturalness continues, woodgrains that not only look, but also feel like the real thing are increasing in popularity. Deep textures are therefore in demand, with woodgrains with an interplay of colour and the ability to combine with popular neutral solid colours proving popular.

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Authentic Woodgrains

Examining the continuing rise in popularity of woodgrains and rustic colours such as oak with visible knots, cracks and saw marks – a trend most-recently seen at the recent IMM exhibition in Cologne.

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